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Types of infection that may be encountered

•   Bacteria

•   Viruses

•   Fungi

•   Parasites

Types of infection that may be encountered

-   Gastrointestinal, e.g. gastroenteritis, norovirus
•   Signs, e.g. fever, vomiting
•   Symptoms, e.g. nausea, loss of appetite

-   Blood-borne infections, e.g. HIV, hepatitis
-   Signs, e.g. rapid weight loss, fever, prolonged swelling of glands
-   Symptoms, e.g. extreme and unexplained tiredness, weakness, joint pain

-   Respiratory infections, e.g. influenza
-   Signs, e.g. a runny nose, cough
-   Symptoms, e.g. congestion, body aches, sore throat.

-   Skin infections, e.g. MRSA
-   Signs, e.g. redness or swelling of skin, sores, boils, swelling
-   Symptoms, e.g. pain