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As a first responder, you will be the first person that arrives on the scene of an incident, and the communication route that you feed back to control will help the control decide what resources are coming your way, and how fast they are coming to you. There is a mnemonic that we use called SBAR, S-B-A-R. It is a mnemonic that offers a simple way to help standardise communications and allows all parties to have common expectations related to what is to be communicated and how the communication is structured. S equals situation: A concise statement of the problem, B equals background: Pertinent and brief information related to the situation. And keep it brief. They do not want the whole history, they want brief information. A equals assessment: Analysis and considerations of options on what you found or think and R equals recommendations: Actions requested or recommended, of what you require and who you require on scene. By using that, we have a standard situation or a standard way of communicating between the scene and the control room that works for both parties.